Normal at Woodstock

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Yes, I was there. I have my original program, but I gave up $18.00 ticket at the gate since I was there early enough that they were still taking tickets! Went with some friends from high school, met some other high school friends, but also met some guys, one of whom was going to college in South Carolina, Clemson, to be exact, who became rather close to me over the next few days.
While we wrote to each other from our respective colleges, we stopped writing after I met my college boyfriend.
Many years later would love to find him again and be able to wear the incredibly muddy jeans I had to throw away. The rickrack down the length of the pant legs was mud encrusted forever. So drugs, some, sex, some, but no skinny dipping. We were there to go to sleep in the mud with the Who, to wake up in the mud with Jimi, to use the phones, bathrooms, and food of the incredibly nice neighbors (we camped in a cornfield), even though we had clothes and food to last us the entire time.
My parents knew where I was but none of us KNEW we were going to be part of something like this! So, the music is still the highlight, but even more was the community, the friendships, the exhilaration, the fatigue. Not one moment of complaining (ok, we forgot to dig a trench around our tent in the rain and the lack of bathroom facilities were bummers), and would I do it again? That’s really the question, since you could never, ever plan something like this! You just had to be there.

karen f

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