I finaly made it to woodstock

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I was born in England in 1962. my mother was 16 when i was born and I grew up listening to the Beatles, the who and early american mucsicians, it was in my blood early. we moved to canada in 1969 I was 7. I grew up in the 70s and experienced all the drug experimentation of LSD and weed, in my teens. there wasnt alot of love in my family and I was always looking for it.

I remember we went camping in lake placid in 71 and next to our camp site were a bunch of cool friendly people singing dancing and talking about and showing love to each other, I was constantly with them as my parents were fighting. they took me in for the week, I heard about woodstock and the music was playing from there bus.. I wanted to go from that point on, I didnt believe it was over . I went thru my teens and adult life addicted to drugs because I didnt feel any love for myself or from anyone else for that matter, I always thought of those hippys in that place in lake placid, and Woodstock. i finaly got clean and found a group of people to love me till I could love myself in a 12 step program. i made it a goal to visit and get the spirit of woodstock, i flew to Miami this summer and bought a motorcycle and proceded north. i hit kennedy space center, daytona beach, washington dc and gettysburg. then i headed for woodstock in bethel ny. i arrived in the catskills and rode thru some of the best country roads i ever rode. i came apon a sign that said bethel ny , the home of woodstock 1969. i proceded to ask where the farm is and after some riding i found the preforming arts center there. then i came upon the woodstock concert site. i parked my bike behind where the stage used to be, i walked around the field and felt the energy that still remains there, i pictured all the movies and people i had seen on that field. i was happy. i went to the momument and talked to some old hippys that were there at a picnic table who told me their experinces of love music rain and mud, but of unconditional love between everyone there. i looked up in the sky and to my horror the dark clouds were coming in, it was gonna rain at woodstock ha ha i couldnt believe it. i parked my bike up by the old entrance under a tree and went inside the museum to ride out the storm. i saw and read everything about the poitical struggles of the time and the festivals purpose , sat in an old bus and watch a video on the kids arriving to the concert of a life time, i saw the clothes people wore and was blown away at the sign woodstock which was at gas station at that time 1969, get your gas here. i then layed down on a been bag and listened to the thunder outside. i watched the full concert on the screen which was awsome especialy santana who was unknown at the time.i didnt want to leave but time was ticking .the sky was clear the sun was goin down. i left woodstock on my motorcycle picturing all the kids leaving and trying to get home in my mind. the rain had stopped and there was a sunset as i rode up 17b, the mist from the valley was in the air as crossed the bridge to the main highway. it was the most peacful ride as no one else was there and i was full of woodstock, at that point i saw a dear cross infront of me, it was a cool trip and im so glad i went. the irony of the trip was that as i went to canada with a canadian pardon for my drug use, little did i know i would never get there as the us border agency put me in allegany county jail in the hole and i was treated as a criminal and abused verbaly by the sherriff on my wing, i felt the unnessacery domination and control of the us government. i understand where your peace marches and riots must of come from. i was greatful to see the united states and woodstock as well as the great people i met along the way. i was not happy with the government as 2 us marshals escorted me back to england. this experience will stay with me forever, especialy jimi hendrix, and his lyrics when i come up against a mountain i chop it down with the back of my hand.. thank you for reading this , I have pics on facebook at marco_12stpr@hotmail.com . mark mcdonald. to all those who attended woodstock at the time , I am truly jealous and grateful to have met some of you as you taught me unconditional love .

thanks, mark mcdonald

mark m

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