Bert Sommer Live At Woodstock 1969

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[youtube] pB1pV8zRVaw [/youtube]

Bert Sommer Woodstock 1969 – “Jennifer”

Bert Sommer’s contribution to Woodstock unfortunately can never be visually documented as it happened.

According to his biography, the playlists are all quoted incorrectly by claiming that the only songs that Sommer played during Woodstock were “Jennifer” and “America”, which was a cover of a Simon & Garfunkel song that Paul Simon himself claimed to be the best cover of any song by any artist.

The actual ten song list which is as follows: “Jennifer”, “The Road To Travel”, “I Wondered Where You’d Be”, “She’s Gone” , “Things Are Going My Way”, “And When It’s Over”, “Jeanette”, “America”, “A Note That Read”, and “Smile”, most of which were cut from documented history due to horrible recording. Sommer’s friend who is responsible for his biography is convinced that the footage of Sommer’s entire set is simply non-existent.

Sommer was also the character Woof in the first Broadway production titled “Hair”, his biography states that he never lost his sense of humor about himself. He is quoted as saying “I was involved in the two most famous counterculture events of the 60’s, “Hair” and Woodstock 1969. That and a token will get you on the New York subway! “