Time is Love

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Time is love

Just after the famous Summer of Love, came Woodstock. The event that brought individuals from all over the world to one location to show how much difference a little love can make. The largest gathering in any one location to date, Woodstock 1969, an event constantly on the edge of catastrophe went over without incident thanks to love. The magnitude of Woodstock does not need to be replicated in order to make the world a better place, small scale acts of love and peace can go a long way in everyday life and help to make the world a better place. Don’t think of Woodstock 1969 as an outlet for love, but a shape of how love can and will eventually change the world.

The 1960s represented a much different time in American culture. The recently adopted hectic lifestyle and breakneck speed in technological advances has made it virtually impossible to slow down and recognize the important things in life. The world has changed so rapidly in the last 40 years that the truth is, it would be incredibly difficult to organize another Woodstock 1969 or live by the same ideals of the time period. That doesn’t mean that steps can’t be made once again make peace, love, and music recognized as the essence of happiness.

What has become a lack of time in people’s minds is simply a misappropriation of the time given. It’s proven that certain things strengthen mood and relationships with others. Love is one of the most powerful forces on planet earth, and isn’t even close to being exercised enough. If there’s one thing that Woodstock 1969 showed the world, it’s that the power of peace and love cannot be denied and can change the world forever. 40 years after Woodstock the achievement of the 1960s counterculture is still remembered. Who’s to say that a conscious effort to love others can’t once again change the world for the better?

Put down the cell phone, turn off the computer, stop worrying about making a jillion dollars; spend time with your family, your kids, or show kindness to complete strangers. Great acts of love happen every day all over the world. Let’s stop seeing these as isolated incidences and take a unified approach in making the world a better place. Time is love, peace is love, music is love; take the time to embrace these parts of life as 500,000 people did in 1969. Share your thoughts on improving the world as well as your experiences at www.timeisloveblog.com.

Time is love