More Woodstock 1969 Information and Resources

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Woodstock 1969

Woodstock Preservation Archives – Home of The Woodstock Preservation Alliance and also a plethora of Woodstock resources. – ARTIE KORNFELD creator & promoter of WOODSTOCK ’69. his story. his words. his memories! The real version of Woodstock that you absolutely must read!
The Artie Kornfeld Show – Spirit of The Woodstock Nation, an ArtistFirst radio show hosted by Woodstock co-producer Artie Kornfeld.
Elliott Landy’s classic photos of Woodstock ’69 – The immortal collection of photos taken by Elliot Landy at the Woodstock music festival in 1969.
Woodstock Memorabilia – Woodstock 1969 memorabilia at Woodstock Story for a fine selection of collectibles making up the fabric of music and counterculture history.
The WELL’s Woodstock Conference – A great Woodstock reference.
Memories of Woodstock 1969 from the Joneses – Memories of Woodstock Music and Art Festival in 1969 from the Joneses with photos and streaming Real Video.
The Woodstock Project – One collector’s discography of the music from the first Woodstock and other major rock festivals.
The Woodstock Museum – The Woodstock Museum preserving all aspects of Woodstock history.
Woodstock 69 Revisted by Glenn Weiser – Woodstock 69 site with stories, photos, and highlights from the 1969 program guide. – 1969 Collectibles, Memorabilia and News
Woodstock 1969 -A Tribute – Woodstock 1969 A Tribute 60s & Further featuring awesome photos by Lisa Law Robert Altman brief history links books music lyrics also Woodstock 2004 in Poland. – From the Woodstock Festivals to All Live Music, discover and share concert experiences with an entire community of live music enthusiasts.
Woodstock Tapes – over 2 hours of B&W video, mostly performances shot on stage. Anyone doing documentary work or seeking footage would be interested in knowing about the existence of this site.

Woodstock Related

Ken Davidoff’s Old Rock Photo Archives – Ken’s classic photos of rock icons including Jimi Hendrix, the Miami Pop Festival, Jim Morrison, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, the Palm Beach Pop Festival, and Frank Zappa.
The Psychedelic Library – Menu of articles, research papers, books, and essays on LSD, peyote, psilocybin, and the use of psychedelic drugs in research, therapy, religion and personal growth.
The Old Hippie’s Groovy Site – Links on arts, music, literature, science, politics, hippies and environmental information.
Wavy Gravy’s Homepage – At Woodstock as Chief of the Please Force and member of entertainment activist commune known as The Hog Farm. The website of Hugh Romney aka Mr. Wavy Gravy.
Country Joe McDonald – The official web home of singer/songwriter Country Joe McDonald.
Country Joe and The Fish Legacy – A complete and detailed look at one of America’s most innovative Psychedelic folk/rock bands! A complete history, an-indepth look at the legendary appearances at Monterey Pop, Woodstock and features great live show audio links! – Bert Sommer singer, songwriter & friend.
Hippiedom – Information, comments, stories, links about hippies, their lifestyle, their thoughts, events and more!
The Hippie Museum – Peace, Love, and Learning
Key-Z Productions – Ken Kesey, the Merry Pranksters, Acid Test, Furthur, Further, LSD, Cassady, Beats, Dead and more! – Far Out Site with Free Online Cards, 3D Wallpaper, Java Games, FREE Rock Midis and Groovy Gifts! Constantly being updated with new stuff.
Richie Unterberger’s Unknown Legends – Author of books on music history and travel, and reviewer of too many albums to count for various books, publications, and databases.
Tim Campbell’s Sweetwater Site – A collection of pictures, posters, album covers, fan letters, and other memorabilia from the Sweetwater band.