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Artie Kornfeld on the Spirit of Woodstock in 2010 (interview)
Spirit of Woodstock 2010 Italy
2010 Woodstock South Africa
Przystanek Woodstock 2010 (Poland)

Woodstock – 2010 News

In a time of great social strife, the spirit of the Woodstock nation seems to return and evoke positive change. In the year 1969 the world came together to witness the largest music festival in history; an event that changed not only the United States, but the entire world. Now in 2010 the Woodstock nation hopes to resurrect the spirit of the original festival and bring people together to celebrate peace, music, and positive change. With the Imagine Concert in Toronto as well as the 2010 Woodstock South Africa festival in the works, we hope the Woodstock nation will once again hope to make their voices heard.

Woodstock Korea 2010 Canceled

The Korean organizer, Woodstock Korea Inc., said it has postponed the event because its major investor, whose name was not immediately revealed, failed to put up the money on time as agreed in a contract. Read more about Woodstock Korea.

Imagine Concert in Toronto (Postponed until 2011)

The Imagine concert, a Woodstock for the WE Generation, which organizers had intended to be the largest musical festival in Toronto’s history, has been cancelled, according to its public-relations firm.

“As of now, it has been postponed,” said a spokesperson from Susan Blond Inc. who asked not to be named.

This confirmation comes after a message was posted to the event’s Facebook page stating, “The festival has been postponed until next year.”

In February, Montreal-based artist David Kam and Artie Kornfeld, a co-organizer of the original Woodstock, announced plans for a two-day festival, originally slated for July 10 and 11.

In July, organizers pushed Imagine to the Labour Day weekend, Sept. 4 and 5, to attract more ticket sales.

The concert was to take place at Toronto’s Downsview Park. In July 2003, an estimated 450,000 people packed the park to see the Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Rush and others play Molson Canadian Rocks for Toronto, a benefit concert designed to jump-start tourism to the city after the SARS epidemic.

Critics claim the concert failed to sell enough tickets because the bill did not feature any big-name acts.

Original promoter of Woodstock 1969 Artie Kornfeld and visionary artist David Kam have been discussing and organizing a beautiful concert in the city of Toronto. Inspired by the John Lennon song, the Imagine Concert hopes to be part of the Earthship summit; an event that will bring individuals from around the world to Downsview park for music and to address looming global issues. The concert is tentatively scheduled to take place in July of 2010. The Imagine Concert will mark the first involvement of Woodstock promoter Artie Kornfeld since Woodstock 1969 and he hopes to once again bring the spirit of the Woodstock nation to the people.

Since the original Woodstock, many believe that the spirit of the Woodstock nation has been dormant, waiting to emerge during another period of social crisis. The Imagine Concert, which some proponents have touted as a Woodstock 2010-like event, may represent the largest gathering of individuals emersed in the Woodstock nation since 1969 and also draw a large number of experts on green living, poverty, sustainability, and other globally relevant issues. Promoter Artie Kornfeld believes that Toronto is an incredibly important site for the concert because of its cultural relevance, making it a great place for concerned individuals from around the world to meet and address important issues.

Although no official lineup has been released for the Toronto event, Kornfeld believes that once people see that the cause is worthy they are sure to follow. If successful, tickets will sell for around $100 and half of the proceeds will go to charities such as Feed the Children and Amnesty International. Look for Woodstock 2010 Toronto to be the biggest event of peace and music since Woodstock 1969 and the highlight of the 2010 festival season.

2010 Woodstock South Africa

Unrelated to the promoters or the brand name of the original Woodstock, Woodstock South Africa 2010 is a gathering of peace and music within a country that focuses on sending a positive message to the youth of the nation. The concert takes place at a resort and offers music and alternative sports as well as a positive influence on youth. Currently in its seventh year of operation, Woodstock South Africa also has artists and booths dedicated to showcasing the talent and diversity of the South African people.

Dates for the festival have yet to be announced, but it seems as though the home for Woodstock 2010 South Africa has become the Hartbeespoort Resort. As well as details on the date remaining a mystery, the 2010 Woodstock South Africa lineup also has yet to be announced. Similar to Woodstock 1969, the country of South Africa has found music and art a great way to reach out to the youth of the nation and spark real social change.