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It was the summer of 1969, my husband found out about the woodstock concert being held in Woodstock NY, I worked at an airline and we lived in Dallas Tx. On the spur of the moment we obtained free tickets (passes) to travel on the airline I worked for (Braniff International) and we put on out best finery and flew off first class to New York. We arrived at night so we needed to find a hotel to stay at..Sucess, after 2 tries,and the next morning we had time to waste before the bus left for the Woodstock area so we cruised Greenwich Village, to our dissapointment everything was closed as it was still before noon.. so off to the bus and the trip to Bethel began.. We arrived close to Bethel but the roads were blocked by people walking to the festival we also had to walk a few miles to get there, upon our arrival we found the main gate busted down so we entered and a lifetime of memories and adventure begin… wonderful music.. thousands of people, (some nude). I had been such a greenback I didnt know there wasnt a Marriott across the street from the festival so we saw we were gonna have to sleep on the ground, I had on a party dress and leather shoes.. (mistake) the rain came, the music started, we starved, and we slept in the woods snuggled together with big smiles on our faces, as I was with the man of my dreams I didnt even notice how wet an cold we were, the leather shoes came off, and i dug a pair of jeans and old shirt out of my back pack and went barefooted.. What a trip, We had to head out Saturday to catch a plan back to dallas for my job and the only way out was to walk and then eventually hitchhike, we were given a ride on the trunk of a car and we hung on for dear life as he spead thru the mountains…. but we made it, and it was a trip of our lifetime.. I will never forget the summer I grew up and saw so many different kinds of people.. no violence.. everyone was happy and glad to share what they had… yes.. I miss the 60’s… Betty King


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