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one step on the road

March 1, 2011 limor 0

The summer of 69 was a tumultuos time in Washington, D.C.. Nixon was president and the demonstrations were a fairly regular event that attracted crowds […]

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February 20, 2011 limor 0

Who was Joe Tuck? He was; well, Joe Tuck,– they, the University, if they had been bent on exhibiting some new face of tolerance, in […]

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WoodStock 1969

December 7, 2010 limor 0

HI, I’m age 56. I grew up in a time commonly known today as the explosive generation of the 1960’s. Where racial hatred and unrest, […]

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Busted On the Way

August 23, 2010 limor 0

A true story: I had just moved to Philadelphia area from New York and met some new friends. Fred told me about a concert coming […]

What choice

July 28, 2010 limor 0

I was 16 in the summer of ’69. A bunch of us were working the tobacco fields around Essa township near Angus, Ontario. There were […]

My Woodstock Experience

May 10, 2010 limor 0

  Background: I was a senior at Cleveland Heights High School. The world was changing from the Ozzie and Harriet, My 3 Son traditional family […]

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So Close, Yet So Far

May 9, 2010 limor 0

I was 15 years old in 1969 and spending the summer as a CIT (counselor-in-training, kinda like a camp counselor’s go-fer) at Holiday Ranch Camp, […]

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Still Have My Ticket!

May 8, 2010 limor 0

I read about this “Three days of music and peace” concert while in Harvard Square one day and thought it would be the perfect gift […]