WoodStock 1969

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HI, I’m age 56. I grew up in a time commonly known today as the explosive generation of the 1960’s. Where racial hatred and unrest, deadly riots, along with anti- war protest and the terror of the Ku Klux Klan existed. At time of WoodStock ,I was age 15. I had heard about this concert and a couple years later I bought the soundtrack record album from the movie. Would you believe I still have that 3 record album set along with my younger brothers’ copy of it? I went to see the movie and I found this a one of a kind movie. I currently have the the movie WoodStock[directors cut version of it]. I also have the 4 cd album set[25th anniversary edition ]. I highly recommend this 4 cd set. This rock concert is quite historic. In 1969 this concert put rock music on top. I gave a copy of the 4 cd set to this waitress at Denny’s Restaurant in Portage, Indiana. this girl now is age 20. She listened to it and loved it. Her parents were quite stunned that she was listening to the music from their generation. This concert had a message then that even today 40 years later that people can not comprehend. The message then was that people can live and exist with each other if they gave it a chance. I tell younger generations of people today that I’m from the Woodstock generation. A co worker and I were listening to the 4 cd set that I have at work and my supervisor heard this music because we had the volume crank up , he was trying to figure out what we were listening to. I told him it is the famous Woodstock concert and I told him what year it was from and I told him well this concert was along time before he were born. I would love to just see the Woodstock museum. I have contacted Turner Classic Movies to see if they would air this movie on tv. It won several academy awards. Alot of work went into putting this concert together. I urge everyone to see this movie Lloyd

Lloyd P
Indiana, USA

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