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I was 16 in the summer of ’69. A bunch of us were working the tobacco fields around Essa township near Angus, Ontario. There were two outdoor concerts coming up one called The Freak Out near Shelburne Ontario and another called this Woodstock Music and Arts Festival in upper New York state. I remember that I loved the line-up of that Woodstock thing but choose The Freak Out because it was only 3o miles away. At the time it was a sound choice and most of my friends choose the same but 3 of my buds headed south. (they were gone for almost a week) I must say I rocked and partied pretty hard at the Freak Out but as Woodstock ’69 history continues to grow and Freak Out fades in the fog of time my choice not to head south was the wrong choice. Who knew 50,000 @ Freak Out vs 500,000 @ Woodstock. Did happen to attend Woodstock ’99 but that was a different time in a different place that does not compare with the original.


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