The Latest Buzz on Woodstock’s Golden Anniversary

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The chatter is ramping up as the 50th Anniversary of Woodstock quickly approaches. Here is an update on some of the latest news with links to articles and additional information.

Sullivan County New York is preparing for the golden anniversary of Woodstock and this article from the Times Herald-Record shares some insight on preparations:

Sullivan Already Prepping for 2019 Woodstock Festival Milestone

Did you know that part of the property formerly owned by Max Yasgur is now being restored and turned into a Bed & Breakfast, and is anticipated to be completed in time for the anniversary? This article gives insight into how that project is proceeding and what visitors can expect.

George Washington Slept Here

There is a countdown clock, ticking down to the big day! Here is the link:

Woodstock 50th Anniversary countdown clock

Did you know that Route 17B in Sullivan County, New York is now designated as, “The Woodstock Way”? Read more about it here:

Route 17B in Sullivan County Designated ‘The Woodstock Way’

PBS’ recently announced their plans for a Woodstock documentary that focus’ on individuals who participated in the original event. It is scheduled to be released in connection with the 50th anniversary, making this a viable celebration alternative for anyone unable to attend an actual anniversary event. The two-hour documentary will be part of PBS’ American Experience series.

PBS Announces Woodstock Documentary Honouring Festival’s 50th Anniversary

Celebratory events are popping up all over, not just in upstate NY. Here’s a sampling of events scheduled around the U.S. and the across the globe:

Woodstock’s 50th Anniversary Eyre Bus Trip (Cleveland, OH)

Woodstock 50th Anniversary Tributes  (Portland, OR; Moorhead, MN; and Pinellas Park, FL)

Berdoo at Woodstock 50th Anniversary 2019 Festival (Smith County, KS)

2019 50th Anniversary Tour (Germany)

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