Sixties Inspiration

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Walking through a local mall the other day, I was struck with the realization that I was surrounded by influences from the sixties all around me. Five decades after events like Woodstock and the rise of counter culture, we continue to see fashion, advertising, consumer products, and so many other areas that showcase inspiration from this decade. In one 360 view, I saw advertising with colors that reminded me of sixties tie-die, pixie hairstyles on several girls that passed me by, boot-cut pants (a close-cousin to bell-bottoms), a peasant-styled top, lava lamps in a gift kiosk, and a t-shirt donned with that famous smiley face.

The relevance now of so many of the trends that were popular in the sixties is a testament to how much that decade influenced that generation and so many generations that followed. Even without understanding the origins of many of these trends, by having sixties inspired styles around us keeps the decade alive for everyone.

So what are your favorite sixties influenced items popular today, and what favorites do you wish would make a comeback?

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