My Trip with my friends

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I went to Woodstock with my friends, Dave Semjchuk, John O’Hara, John Bragg and his little brother Gregory and a couple of girls who were friends of John B’s. I think a couple of guys from New York were there too, friends of J.B’s but I’m no longer sure. If they were then their names were Marty and Wolfgang. There were others people we knew as well like Jack McDermott and also Ed Roman the guitar guy who passed away last year. We drove a Beige ’69 Toyota Corolla with a black trunk lid(mine), a new white Ford van(from Bragg motors), and O’hara’s Chevy sedan. You can see all three vehicles lined up along side each other all by themselves in the Time-Life Woodstock edition photo of the “Press” parking lot. There was no one else parked there! John B gave a “security” guy something to let us park there. The purpose of the photo, I suppose, was to show the lack of interest by the main stream press of the day about the event. Too bad for them, lucky for Scorcese. We met all sorts of cool people who were way out of our league in coolness. Another friend named John Arrigone (I hope i spelled it correctly John) was there as well although we did not go together. He is actually in the film at the telephones waiting to call his Ma. We were incredibly lucky that we had vehicles to sleep in when it rained. They were between the cornfield where the kid got run over by a tractor and the porto-sans so they were just a short walk from everything…..the hill, the stage access road, the Hell’s Angels beer can mountain…….it was just great. I remember getting a strong buzz just from breathing the air and before we got there we thought we were wild! We never saw so many people in one place for the same purpose and never did again. We were lucky we got there early and just stumbled into the right spot. We never had to show our tickets to anyone and I still have them.
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