The Woodstock Circle of Love Comes Full Zenith

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After being apart for 40 years, two free spirits who ran off to Woodstock 1969 together have been reunited. Allen and Mary experienced what it means to be truly free by attending the legendary festival during the summer of love and sharing an unbreakable bond. Thanks to a story submitted on, the teenage lovers’ paths have crossed once again.


It was the day of Mary’s 40th high school reunion. She had returned from a wonderful night of conversations with people whom she hadn’t seen in forever. The great time and wonderful connections made with past faces made her think of her teenage love, Allen. She had made a few attempts to see what her teenage love was up to, but her attempts were met with little success. Still floating from the wonderful reunion, she decided to try again and conduct a Google search for Allen’s name. The results returned a story on titled The Wonderment That Was…My Woodstock 1969.

As Mary began reading the story, an eerie feeling came over her. It was as though her Woodstock 1969 experience was being told with voracious detail right in front of her eyes. As she neared the bottom of the page, her heart sunk. The author of the story was Allen Rowe, her Woodstock love. The revelation that this was her story as well simply blew her away. She sat reeling for what had to have been close to an hour with memories flooding her mind. She was taken back to that fateful time in her life and the person with whom she shared the experience.

Allen Rowe had submitted the story of love and liberation on a few months earlier. While searching for information on the Woodstock 40h anniversary, he came across the site and decided to share his Woodstock experience under the newly constructed story page. The genuine tale of peace and love was praised for its passion and believability, and The Wonderment That Was…My Woodstock 1969 had won a contest for a pair of tickets for the Heroes of Woodstock tour in Bethel, NY.

Rowe had also been frequently and unsuccessfully trying to contact Mary for 40 years and had all but given up hope. By winning the contest the story was distributed all across the web and placed on the front page of As fate would have it, Mary stumbled upon the story. She had found him. After years of lost connections, desperate searching, and agonizing separation, Mary had found Allen. Their Woodstock was only just beginning.

Overwhelmed, Mary contemplated whether or not to make contact with Allen. It had been 40 years since they last spoke. Not knowing how to handle the situation, Mary underwent a long inner dialogue on whether or not she would reply to the story or leave the memories buried in the past. Part of her wanted to be found, part of her did not. She made the decision to break the 40 years of separation and post a short reply to the story, which read “I certainly can relate to this beautifully written story, I did not know you had such talent. Though it has been 40 years, I remember it too, I am the Mary written about in this story”.

Not long after she decided to make contact with Allen, Mary’s phone rang. On the other end was her long lost Woodstock 1969 love. Decades of absence from each other’s lives was quickly filled with blissful memories as they spent hours catching up on the phone. Recalling when they first fell in love; when they walked on the shores of Lake Ontario, hand in hand, wading barefoot through waves crashing on white sand; becoming soul-mates. They spoke of moments they shared while in love at Woodstock. Freedom, music which seemed to reach the heavens and the peace of Yasgur’s farm before the crowd arrived filled their conversation.

Right on cue, after 40 years, they once again were at Woodstock – together. They have since decided to maintain a friendship and meet again one day soon. For Allen and Mary, their Woodstock circle of love has come full zenith; they share an unbreakable bond forged when two teenage lovers ran away to Woodstock together, their spirits forever fused. They shared words and tears 40 years later, discussing the long list of ” what might have been’s”.

Who could have foreseen a simple story reuniting two individuals separated for 40 years? These teenage lovers’ paths may have never crossed again, despite their attempts to find each other. Their love has come full circle, they’ve found one another; the impossible has become a reality.

Submit your story today, share your Woodstock 1969 experience, and connect with Woodstock enthusiasts from around the world. Like Allen and Mary, your Woodstock story may be just beginning.