Woodstock 2009 Festivals Heatup As Artie Kornfeld Joins West Fest

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The Council of Light and 2b1 Multimedia Inc in association with Artie Kornfield, the famous co-creator of Woodstock, bring West Fest 2009 to the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. The multi-faceted event will celebrate the Woodstock 40th Anniversary and is scheduled to take place on October 25th. Although producers have stated that there will be some original Woodstock bands and performers from the 1969 festival, the list is not set as the concert is still six months away. The last Woodstock festival Kornfeld associated himself with was the legendary spectacle which will go down with history. The announcement is big news to the Woodstock Nation.

Artie hosts the Spirit of Woodstock Nation radio program on the ArtistFirst Radio Network every Tuesday evening. He tackles topics such as politics, history, building the music industry, and of course, Woodstock. Recent guests include Woodstock 1969 co-producer Michael Lang, Santana drummer Michael Shrieve, Rock Scully, and Dave Getz. Every Tuesday, the Spirit of Woodstock reaches over a million listeners in 20 countries at 10pm EST.

The wave of excitement felt across the Woodstock Nation is well deserved. Elliot Roberts, Neil Young’s Manager stated in Rolling Stone that Woodstock 2 and 3 did not happen because Artie Kornfeld, the real promoter of Woodstock, would not take part. It is great to see Artie join the Council of Light and Boots Hughston to bring this Woodstock 2009, 40th Anniversary celebration to the Bay this August.