Woodstock 2009 In Prospect Park: No Dice

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Co-creator of Woodstock 1969 Michael Lang has finally announced that the plans for a Woodstock 40th anniversary concert in Prospect Park have been cancelled. The cost of staging the event and lack of sponsorship were the reasons that Lang gave for abandoning the project. It is to be noted, however, that there are few other anniversary celebrations taking place. For that info, check out our Woodstock 40th anniversary section.


“Money. No Sponsors,” was Lang’s response when asked by Rolling Stone magazine as to why the event’s planning was halted. The icon responsible for staging the legendary Woodstock 1969 planned to hold a free event in Prospect Park located in Brooklyn, but earlier stated that progress was slow due to lack of sponsorship. It is now confirmed that the lack of funding required to back the $8 to 10 million cost of the concert proved to be too much to achieve. It has been a problem that has been apparent from the very beginning.

Lang’s backup plan to hold an event during Climate Week from September 20-26 has also fallen through. After the Woodstock 1994 and 1999 events, either concert would have given the festival name a large boost had it gotten off the ground.

Although there will be no official Woodstock 40th anniversary concert, the Woodstock name is still alive with the Ang Lee movie “Taking Woodstock” and Artie Kornfeld‘s new bookThe Pied Piper of Woodstock“. There are also a number of unofficial Woodstock 40th anniversary celebrations around the country that will offer Woodstock fans events to commemorate the legendary festival. The events include San Francisco’s free West Fest in October, the Heroes of Woodstock tour which will be at the Bethel Center for the Arts on August 15, Woodfest ’09 in Oklahoma, and a Woodstock Tribute which will be held in McHenry County, IL both starting August 14.

For the latest information on Woodstock 40th anniversary news and festivals, keep your eye on Woodstock Story for the latest updates. Fans of Woodstock 1969 are sure to be bummed to hear about the cancellation of the Prospect Park concert, but luckily it not the only way to celebrate Woodstock this summer.