List of Speakers Appearing At West Fest In San Francisco On October 25

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West Fest Will Showcase Speakers From Various Movements

Accompanying the great Woodstock 1969 and Summer of Love era musicians will be some of the most brilliant minds in the Anti-war, Green, and Free Speech movements. In order to capture the true spirit of the counterculture ideals, these speakers will educate, lead, and answer questions concerning the national and global topics we are faced with today. Below is a list of speakers on behalf of the movements listed above as well as various other worthy causes that will be attending West Fest on October 25, 2009.

  • the Merry Pranksters with Ken Babbs, George Walker, and Mountain Girl
  • Scoop Nisker – KFOG
  • David Harris – speaker
  • Ben Fong -Torres (Rolling Stone)
  • David Hilliard – Black Panther Party
  • Benjeman Hernadez – Harts and Hands
  • Dennis Banks – AIM Wounded Knee
  • Dennis Peron and Richard Eastman (Marijuana Initiative)
  • Terrance Hallinan (Former SF DA)
  • Paul “Lobster” Wells (DJ)