West Fest Bands and Performers

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The West Fest Lineup

West Fest is not set to take place until October 25th, but the hype and excitement has already been built up quite a bit. The free festival will celebrate the 40th anniversary of Woodstock 1969 as well as the West coast counterculture movement. Hundreds of San Francisco area musicians have signed up for the free event with many more expected to jump onboard. In a music event of different proportions, over 3,000 musicians will all unite and break the world record for the largest guitar ensemble playing “Purple Haze” by Hendrix simultaneously.

Here is a rough list of the lineup with more to be announced closer to the date of the concert.

    • Country Joe (Country Joe and the Fish)
    • Denny Laine (of Paul McCartney, Wings, Moody Blues)
    • Lester Chambers (the Chambers Brothers)
    • The Original Lowrider Band (with Lee Oskar)
    • Harvey Mandel and the Snake band
    • Barry “The Fish” Melton
    • Alameda All Stars (Gregg Allman’s Band)
    • Michael McClure (Beat Poet) and Ray Manzarek (from the Doors)
    • David Denny (from Steve Miller) with Perry Prince, Diana Mangano (from the Starship), Greg Douglas, Carlos Rios
    • PF Sloan; Jimmy McCarty (from Detroit Wheels)
    • Peter Kaukonen (from Jefferson Airplane)
    • Terry Haggerty (from the Sons of Champlin)
    • John York (from the Byrds)
    • Leigh Stevens (from Blue Cheer)
    • Michael Narada Waldon
    • The Great Jeffersonian Tricycle (members of the Original Jefferson Airplane)
    • El Chicano
    • Cathy Richardson (Starship)
    • David and Linda La Flamme (It’s a Beautiful Day)
    • Lydia Pense and Cold Blood
    • The Mutaytor
    • Jose Neto and Friends
    • Lost Creek Gang

This festival is in the true spirit of the Woodstock Nation, as many of the original Woodstock performers have been assembled to celebrate this crucial time in American history free of cost to you. Don’t miss your chance to revisit the time when love was free, and music brought people together in celebration of peace.