Best Tie Dye Patterns & Designs

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Tie dye has been around for a long time, ancient civilizations have used the technique to create ceremonial garbs and other unique patterns. The tie die pattern was popularized in the late 1960s in the United States with the hippie movement. This design became a reflection of their unique style and enjoyment of unconventional dress. Many different tie dye patterns can be acquired over the Internet or through certain manufacturers. Because the idea of tie dye is still relevant in the style of the modern world, there are also advanced tie dye designs available as well.

Depending on the situation and the materials that you are using, you might need a tie dye pattern or it might be better to create your own. Using the technique of tying whatever you are dying is where the name is derived. By leaving some spots blank and dying others, the end result is a tie die design that is completely unique and always visually appealing. Those looking for tie dye designs may be able to check web sites or visit their local fabric store for designs that fit their own unique style.

Tie dye technique and patterns generally involve a white cotton shirt that is dipped in a water bucket containing a half cup of salt. The best way to create unique tie dye patterns depends on the methods used, and there are a few that are standard in the world of tie dye.

Spiral Tie Dye Pattern – To achieve the spiral tie dye pattern, take your shirt and place it face down and create a spot where you want the spiral to occur. Turn the fabric like a knot within the dye and hold the fabric to pull and roll it tighter together. Use three rubber bands to tie the roll together using different colors for each section.

Circle Tie Dye Patterns – Place the shirt face down and pull it up from the center with rubber bands. The width of the rubber bands will determine the width of the circles which can then be colored with the color of your choosing.

Marble Tie Dye Pattern – Take your shirt and crumple it into a bundle and randomly tie rubber bands around the shirt in a criss cross pattern. Dip the shirt into the dye to create this advanced tie dye pattern.

Many different patterns are available and any combination of these can be made to create more detailed designs. For those who are looking for a unique way to create their own clothing designs at a low cost, tie dye patterns are the perfect way to spend an afternoon. For more information on tie dye designs as well as patterns that others have come up with, perform a quick internet search and browse the results. Like any form of design that can be created from home, the tie dye pattern is a great way to exercise your own creative ability and create a design that has been popular since the Woodstock 1969 generation.