Przystanek Woodstock 2009

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According to recent news, the Polish equivalent to Woodstock called Przystanek will likely be the European installment of the festival. In the midst of still attempting to orchestrate the Prospect park concerts, Lang expressed interest in teaming with Przystanek Woodstock in 2009.

For 14 years, Przystanek has been organized and is revered as the European Woodstock. The festival features two stages and showcases the hottest in acts from around the world. The idea was conceived after organizers of Przystanek were allowed to see Woodstock 1994 in person. Since then, the free concert has drawn individuals from all over the world for a heavy dose of music from across the globe.

According to the article, Lang was impressed with the success of Przystanek without the use of international stars. The ongoing festival also features important figures in Polish culture who speak to the youth in hopes to make a positive impact.

Przystanek believes in the true intentions of Woodstock 1969 and creates a peaceful atmosphere that reflects them. The free concert is ready to go on July 31 – Aug 2 and looks as though it may replace the previously planned concert at Tempelhof Airport in Berlin. As far as we know, plans for a New York Woodstock 2009 concert in Prospect Park are still in the works, but there still seems to be a few setbacks in the planning process.


Przystanek Woodstock is the largest festival in Europe every summer as well as one of the biggest in the world. Since 1995 the festival has taken place in Kostrzyn upon Odra in Poland, which is located near the border of Germany. It was created by Polish organization The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity (since 1993). The proceeds of the festival are intended to purchase medical equipment for Polish hospitals.