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Individuals that have listened to a Woodstock cd have the luxury of hearing the most legendary lineup in music history first hand. Some of us miss the Woodstock cds of old and others simply were not
born in time to enjoy it, until now. There have been a plethora of Woodstock CD recorded in order to retell the musical events of the festival. The Woodstock CDs are digitally re-mastered for a
crisp clean sound and capture the heart of the music of the hippie era, but some would also like to hear the Woodstock 94 cd and Woodstock 99 cd respectively.

The original Woodstock CD soundtrack to the academy award winning film topped Billboard’s pop album chart for four weeks and was a top 20 R&B album as well. Some of the biggest names in the
history of rock music got their big break at the legendary Woodstock festival and were subsequently on the Woodstock 1969 cd. The Woodstock CDs have been hot items ever since their individual releases.
From Santana to John B. Sebastian, the music of the 1969 has been captured on the various Woodstock CDs. Many compilations as well as individual artist releases of their music at the festival
has made the historic event widely documented. Woodstock CDs are still in print and many are being re-released to celebrate the Woodstock 40th anniversary.

Check out the wide variety of Woodstock CDs at the our store and own a piece of music history. Many of the artists featured on the albums played their last performance at Woodstock 1969 which was
also seen as their best. Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix met tragic ends after the festival, but their spirit lives on in their recorded works on Woodstock CDs. Whether you’ve experienced the
festival, or are simply trying to immerse yourself in the music brilliance, Woodstock CDs are a great way to relive an entire generation of music.