Classic Woodstock Story Interviews

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Interview With WOODFEST ’09 Headliner ESSRA MOHAWK

The one and only Essra Mohawk speaks to us about embracing the spirit of the era and offers true insight into what it meant to be a part of a time of living close to the environment and human nature. She will play Woodfest ’09 in Davis, OK on the 15th.
Read the Woodstock Story interview with Essra Mohawk.

Interview With Joel Makower

A Woodstock Story interview with Joel Makower, the author of Woodstock: The Oral History, and a leading author on sustainable business, clean technology, and green marketing. Read the Woodstock Story interview with Joel Makower.

The Legendary John Sinclair

Woodstock Story caught up with John Sinclair – poet, activist, author, co-creator of the White Panther Party, and former manager of the MC5, to talk about life, revolution, and his recent endeavors in self-expression. Interview with John Sinclair.

So What’s Been Up, Wavy Gravy?

Self proclaimed “old hippie” Wavy Gravy has recently attended the SXSW festival in Austin Texas. Since the original Woodstock in 1969, Wavy Gravy has… Read more about the Chief of the “Please Force”, life-long peace activist, and all around good human being Wavy Gravy.

Interview With James McNulty

Woodstock Story recently caught up with James McNulty, who not only attended Woodstock 1969, but got paid to be there. He offers insight into what it meant to be a part of the setup and have full access to the stage. Hear exactly how volatile the situation was, and how easily it could have been the Woodstock 1969 disaster.