Woodstock 2010 Festival in Mirapuri, Italy

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Woodstock 2010 Mirapuri Italy

Spirit of Woodstock 2010 Festival

If you thought three days of peace and music were a lot, try ten. The spirit of Woodstock festival features bands from all around the world that will gather for a whopping ten days of peace and joy. This Woodstock 2010 event is part of a growing number of Woodstock-like festivals all over Europe, and great follow-ups to the original event. The European music event will take place from July 30-August 8 and bring the people of Mirapuri, Italy the most diverse and largest collection of bands that they’ve ever seen. Bands will be working alongside the Mirapuri Rainbow Gathering, a non-profit organization committed to creating a better environment for everyone. The festival will also offer free admittance, free camping and affordable food and lodging. Visit the official website here.

The Mirapuri Rainbow Gathering follows an old Native American prophecy of a new tribe of individuals coming to inhabit a decaying earth and once again make it green. These are known as warriors of the Rainbow. Following of this prophecy began in 1972 near Aspen, Colorado and has since then has spread throughout many areas around the world. The first gathering took place in 1972, not long after the original Woodstock 1969. With the same message and way of conveying it, the Spirit of Woodstock festival has used music and peace in order to promote positive social change and show the world that a few people can influence an entire planet.

Embracing individuals of all religions, races, and showing love to every fellow person. The people of the organization will spontaneously create workshops for drumming, massage, juggling, meditation, body awareness, hatha yoga, and many other relaxing activities. The ranch where Spirit of Woodstock 2010 will take place offers a vast and creative environment where people of the world will join for 10 days of peace, love, and plenty of music. Woodstock 2010 bands from all around the world will converge at this location for one of the most diverse music lineups in history.

Oktoberfest meets Woodstock 1969 at the Spirit of Woodstock 2010 festival as the world will join together for music from all around the world, peaceful solutions to social problems, and a little bit of drinking. The Woodstock 2010 Italy lineup is truly one of a kind. From British folk to experimental music from Spain, all the way to surf punk from Germany, the music experience will be one of the most talented and diverse groups of artists that the world has ever seen. Headlining the show will be world-famous Michel Montecrossa and his band the Chosen Few and their new songs from their “The Government Is Out” program. The program sends a positive message through music and offers a call to action to live a greener and more peaceful life. In the face of social strife, Montecrossa urges people to take action against the problems that we face and promotes goodwill, understanding, and awareness for a brighter future.

High energy music and a peaceful environment is what people can expect from the Spirit of Woodstock 2010 festival of Mirapuri. Returning the idea of free music and togetherness in a world stricken with social problems is what the festival is all about. An idea that started in Colorado has made its way across the world and now finds its home in Italy for the Woodstock 2010 celebration. Come see Woodstock as it’s never been seen before at the Spirit of Woodstock 2010. On July 30-August 8, the world will once again gather and send the message that if we work together, there is no limit to what we can accomplish.