West Fest Poster Artists

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The original Woodstock poster is one of the most recognizable figures in music art. West Fest will celebrate the art of the Woodstock Nation both old and new. The collection of poster artists who have developed the beautiful West Fest posters will also be present at the concert. Both old and new Woodstock era posters beautifully capture the style of the 1960’s. The new West Fest posters are reminiscent of the original and some are throwbacks to one of the iconic pieces of music art. Here are some of the poster artists who will be attending West Fest on October 25, 2009 and showcasing their art.

  • Staley Mouse
  • Arnold Skolnick (original Woodstock 1969 poster artist)
  • Chris Shaw
  • Mike Dolgushkin
  • Wendy Wright
  • David Singer
  • Wes Wilson
  • Mark Henson
  • Carlon Ferris
  • Dave Huckins
  • Lee Conklin
  • Bob Masse
  • Andrew Annenberg
  • Victor Moscosco
  • Michael Moss
  • Thomas Yeats
  • Chrissy Costello
  • Gilbert Johnson
  • Ron Donovin
  • Fire House Crew