Hippie Gifts

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These gift ideas make lighthearted gestures as well as heartfelt hippie gifts.

One of the biggest gifts for hippies of all time was the Woodstock 1969 music festival held at Max Yasgur’s dairy farm in Bethel, NY. Almost a half million people showed up to the farm land in mid-August to share a peaceful experience of music over three days and three nights.

After initially selling tickets to the Woodstock Art and Music Fair in the beginning, the producers decided to make it a free show as the concert site was converged upon with additional people that came in droves. There are many more stories of Woodstock than there were people at the concert, touching soldiers half a world away in Vietnam as well as the people of the world. Each story is a gift given in the form of what is known today as the Woodstock spirit.

While not everyone at the concert could be considered a “hippy”, not all “hippies” were at the Woodstock festival. We love Woodstock and would like to recommend these hippie gifts as practical gestures towards the ones you love and miss.

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