Drinking The Sweetwater At Woodstock

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Sweetwater – Why Oh Why 1969 Woodstock Outtake

Sweetwater’s arrangements are not as vivid in memories as the malaise feel when people think of their tragic story.

They are best known for being the first group performance at Woodstock. They are described as having a style similar to Jefferson Airplane, with Nevins’ singing voice being the main appeal. Some even credit Sweetwater for the psychedelic classic rock/jazz fusion that the Airplane made popular.

Unfortunately for the band, a car accident involving lead singer Nancy Nevins and an intoxicated driver essentially shadowed any chance that the band had of being known for anything greater than a 45 minute piece of nostalgia at Woodstock 1969. Nevins’ prolonged recovery and damage to her vocal cords resulted in breaking up the band.

After receiving an invitation to the Woodstock reunion tour, the band reformed and the surviving members are currently working on new material, but Sweetwater will likely only be remembered for being the first band to play Woodstock. Perhaps they will later be revered for inventing psychedelic rock/jazz fusion when none of the members are alive to enjoy it.

For those interested in digging beneath the grim exterior and all around blah that surrounds Sweetwater, their three albums: “Sweetwater” (1968), “Just for You” (1970), and “Melon” (1971) aren’t too difficult to find.