The Peace Sign, Colorful Peace Signs and Animated Clip Art

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The Peace Sign

One of the most recognized symbols in the entire world, the peace sign is a great way to show your desire for peace and kindness to your fellow person. No matter which type of peace one is seeking, the symbol is the same and peace sign jewelry can signify your journey. Peace sign earrings, peace sign necklaces, or a unique peace sign charm make perfect gifts to those seeking serenity.

A sign of togetherness and an icon of an entire generation, colorful peace signs come in all different shapes and sizes. Perfect for peace advocates young and old, peace sign jewelry is brilliantly crafted into one of the most recognizable symbols across the globe. Whether you are looking for an everyday accessory or a more luxurious item, peace sign jewelry is both unique and perfect for any budget.

Woodstock and the Peace Sign


Extremely popular during the legendary Woodstock 1969 festival, peace sign jewelry was crafted by the concert goers and distributed as a sign of unity and support among individuals with like ideals. Items such as a tie dye peace sign, peace sign pictures, peace sign clothing, and other hippie peace signs helped to define the look of the youth in the 1960s and became an American style archetype that is emulated to this very day.

With so many designs able to be crafted into peace signs, the diversity of peace sign jewelry is endless. Great as a romantic accessory, a piece of nostalgia, or just a visible display supporting the ideal, the peace sign is both stylish and meaningful in the fashion world. Whether you are a child of the 1960s, an old soul, or a peace advocate in general, peace sign jewelry is beautiful, affordable, and sends a positive message.

Display your love for peace, keep the ideals of the Woodstock 69 generation alive, and sport beautiful peace sign jewelry on any occasion with colorful peace signs in the form of cool peace sign art and accessories. A timeless design and a unique gift idea, peace sign earrings, peace sign necklaces, or a peace sign charm is the perfect way to show your love for the people and the world around you.