Our Readers Share Their Woodstock Stories

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From first glimpses of the massive crowd, to walking the highway for two miles, these are some of our favorite stories from our readers about their experiences at Woodstock. Discover these stories and more on the WoodstockStory website. Do you have a story of your own? We cannot wait to hear it, and share it. Stop by WoodstockStory.comand tell us about your Woodstock experience.

Woodstockwilly69“Woodstock was an accident for me…” (read more)

Ajax, USA“…we were incredibly lucky we had vehicles to sleep in when it rained…” (read more)

Mark Hedtke“…I walked for what seemed like an eternity, but I wasn’t alone for long. Little did I know at the time, as our destination drew ever closer, the few fellow travelers grew into a throng and then into a mass of humanity all flowing to where our lives would become changed forever as a part of history!” (read more)

Carlos R.“The summer of 1969 had been really hot and sweaty nothing much was happening around the Bronx, until my rock band, Group Power found out in early August that there was a super concert planned. Woodstock they called it and everyone would be there. …”(readmore)

NewDawnAgain69 – “After setting out early Sat. morn, then having to park the car & walk along the highway for what felt like some 10 miles/2 hours, we finally walked up the winding approach roads, to view what was one of the most amazing sights I think I will ever see in this life…” (readmore)

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