Boots Hughston: An Interview With The Legendary Music Promoter

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For 37 years, Boots Hughston has been promoting concerts. He is now in charge of the upcoming West Fest, which will take place on October 25, 2009. West Fest will celebrate the ideals of the original 1960s generation as well as the youth who embrace the spirit.

The free concert will draw listeners from all over the country and the world to gather once again to celebrate peace, music, and togetherness in classic Woodstock fashion. Hughston independently raised the money for the event himself, and hopes to offer individuals an illustration on how they can make a difference. The event will feature many original Woodstock 1969 acts, speakers on important global issues, contemporary artists, and beat poets. For Hughston, West Fest is more about the spiritual aspect than the event itself.

“We’ve once again reached the point where we realize that we can make a difference. This is the Mecca of our generation, a chance to see people and artists that we haven’t seen in 35 years. More now than ever, it is important for our generation to re-establish our goals and principals,” said Hughston.

As a society, Hughston feels that we are inching in the right direction, but have many large strides to make in order to achieve. There is still have a conquering mentality and are subject to drug laws that absolutely need to change, but the youth is very in tune with the Green Movement.

“We are swinging toward the liberal side, which is good, but there is always a possibility to go right back to the way we were,” said Hughston.

Embracing the true spirit of the 1960s is what West Fest is all about. Hughston recalls the days where people with his beliefs saw themselves as a vast minority. During the Human Be-In, individuals from all over the country gathered in the San Francisco area and saw that they were far from alone. By the time Woodstock 1969 rolled around, the number grew to over 400,000. The idea that individuals with similar ideals could peacefully gather and make a difference had been realized. West Fest hopes to build on this mentality and pass the message to younger generations.

“I see the spirituality living on in the younger generations. I see things like Water Woman and Burning Man moving humanity to a new place and changing its mental state. I see the younger generation as being strong in grounded values from the 1960s,” said Hughston.

Join Boots Hughston and the spirit of the Woodstock nation on October 25, as they once again prove to the world that individuals can make a difference. The free event will be one of many that embrace the spirit of the 1960s and encourage living in harmony with each other