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Virtually every individual with involvement has written a book about their experience at the legendary music festival. The variety of Woodstock books offer different perceptions to what has mostly become an oral tradition rather than a recalling of the facts. Most people have read the words contained within the legendary Woodstock book, but the recollection of the events vary depending on which Woodstock books one is referring to. Each Woodstock book is a unique experience, offers an interesting angle, and will make readers see Woodstock 1969 in a way that only those involved can.

The different format of Woodstock books as well as the slightly varied (or hazed) recollections of the events makes for an interesting read. Such a large event in the history of music and American culture has an infinite number of inconsistencies even between the organizers of the festival. For whatever reason, nobody seems to have the same recollection of Woodstock 1969. These Woodstock books outline what makes the event so unique and interesting to people of all ages and generations. From the ideals, the strange sayings, what music meant during the festival, and the series of freak occurrences that allowed the festival to take place, Woodstock books are an interesting read for any music or history enthusiast.

Published Woodstock books include works by green business expert Joel Makower titled ‘Woodstock: The Oral History’, ‘The Road to Woodstock: A Definitive Look Back’ by co-creator Michael Lang, ‘Spirit of the Woodstock Nation’ by co-creator Artie Kornfeld, ‘The Woodstock Story Book’ by Lianne Sackett & Barry Levine, ‘Woodstock: Peace Music & Memories’ by Joanne Hauge and Brad Littleproud, ‘Woodstock ‘Three Days that Rocked the World’ by Mike Evans and Paul Kingsbury, ‘Max Said Yes! The Woodstock Story for Kids’ by Abigail Yasgur and Joseph Lipner, and ‘Taking Woodstock: The True Story of a Riot, A Concert, and a Life’.

Each Woodstock book appeals to a certain aspect of the festival and is told from a different perspective. Most of these Woodstock books are either being released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the festival or being reissued for readers to celebrate again. Enthusiasts will find Woodstock books to be the most interesting Woodstock information out there told by those who were there, man.

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