Stories From Woodstock 1969
12:02:45 PM 05.23.09

I was there...

I took the "Magic Bus to Woodstock" from Baltimore MD that left at midnight Thursday and we arrived to the sound of the driver telling everyone they had to get off the bus as he had gotten as close as he could get. Everyone gathered up there stuff and began walking with the crowds along the two lane road where cars were very slowly creeping forward and when they moved, we jumped on a car. I was 17 and had just graduated from high school and I was hoping to meet a girl that I had met the weekend before in Ocean City. She said she was going to Woodstock, so I told my parents it was going to be like a Boy Scout jamboree. After a couple hours of walking we reached the entrance and walked to the center of a nearly empty amphitheatre hillside where it sounded like they were still building the stage. This was around 9 AM. The hillside filled up with people as the day went on, but I stayed in my area that I considered the best seat in the house. I had never done drugs at the time, but I stayed awake for the next couple days. I enjoyed the lake for cleansing dip, the hamburger tent and I got my first tie-dyed shirt. The music was fantastic and I have impressed everyone I have met every since that I went to Woodstock. Never found the girl, took a bus home from Bethel.

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