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hippie teen

being 14 and in the pop culture of the suburbs it is rare for a 14 year old like me to be into the music i am. i grown up with the sounds of classic and psychedelic rock my mom was pregnant with me at Woodstock 94 i was also at Woodstock 99 where i met county Joe. all my life Ive been to the numerous tri state area shows and at amazing venues like msg the becon theater Nikon theater on the beach and the very small and amazing westbury theater known for its many ratdog concerts and that's where i met country joe for the second time it was at the heroes of Woodstock concerts we went without tickets like we do every time we don't have tickets because it seems every time we go to a show we get in.but geting back to the heroes of Woodstock show. so we are there at the door listening and at intermission country joe comes out to smoke my mom freaks tells him about the last time they met and how the sighed shirt he gave her was ruined and how even though my mom had money they would not let her get in so he brings us into the vip section and sighed a replica f the green yellow and red heroes of Woodstock shirt he was whereing

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flowerchild16 October 10, 2010, 11:01 am
that is so cool i wish i could meet him i am 16 if you are wondering

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