Stories From Woodstock 1969
3:06:15 PM 10.10.09

Reflections at White Lake


Salubrious slime thinly coated
Through foul excrement trudgingly devoted
Insatiable tube through which passes
Endless sludge the culture of the masses

Sightless organ fragile membrane directing
Against hard darkness unrelenting
Outwardly propelled by anterior sensation
Mindless head devoid of imagination

To the elite a magnificent transcendence
Majestic metamorphosis denied the classes
With darkened vision and eternal dependence
Upon base sensation and womb like existence

From the heavens golden rays in flight
A besprinkled generation glimmered in the light
Assembled at the White Lake in all their might
The wings of hope rose with smoke into the air
Only to be dashed upon the rocks of despair

Christopher Cole

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