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11:44:53 PM 08.17.09

Peace and Love

I was 10 years old when Woodstock Happened.
I grew up hearing about it and I read articals on it.Saw the movie when it came out on video.
I aways felt that even though I wasn't there.That it had touched my life.The message they were trying to get through.
That peace and Love was the answer.

When I hear today people bad mouth the whole 60's movement as bunch of stupid nieve young people high on drugs,rebelling against the system and their parents moral values.
I remember a artical were a reporter asked a young hippie at Woodstock what he thought the concert was about.
The young hippie replied; Peace and Love man!
Then the reporter asked the young hippie ;What do you think love means.
This young guy simply replied;Every man is my Brother, every woman my sister and every child is mine. That's what Love is man!
The reporter later replied that he was blown away by that young mans answer..
Peace and Love is the answer.
It just got lost in all the drugs and kaos.
The system capitalized on it ,to kill the message.
Write it off as just abunch of young kids high on drugs .
Its a shame.
Because now look where were at.
Living in a Corperate controled Police state.

Peace +Love =Freedom.

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dwald September 2, 2009, 12:07 am
Perhaps the reporter was "blown away" by the sheer stupidity and triviality of the response to what Love is. Its easy to call every person your kin when you face little to no adversity. I'd like to see the same group of do-nothings actually apply their moral rectitude to practical situations rather than at a bongfest. All to often that's when the reality of human indecency creeps in and its all too often the ones that yell their beliefs the loudest that are the most indecent.
fisheye September 2, 2009, 10:56 am
I'm curious how you call the systematic murder or 60,000 young Americans "little or no adversity". At the time of Woodstock it was only around 30,000 KIA. The younger people their knew their time would come in a few years.
Yes, the system and our parents moral values were very clear at that time. War is good and sex and nudity is bad. So the Hippie cult said sex and nudity are good and war is bad. I suppose you'll want to say LSD is dangerous. We felt that it was a good alternative to the commie hating Vietnam Police action, when the casualty rate for new recruits was 80%.
It's easy to say let's work within the system when your numbers not up. The system it what got us into that mess back then. It had to change and the group of do-nothings knew that non-violence was the only way.
So when the system takes away the future of the young, the system will have some consequences.
HippieMatt September 20, 2009, 9:01 pm
Some people dont believe in love or peace or compassion. Maybe they've never experienced true unconditional love. Maybe they havent suffered enough to understand the value of peace and compassion. Maybe they've suffered, but their suffering made them hard and bitter.

That kid's definition, "every man is my Brother, every woman my sister and every child is mine. That's what Love is man!" actually hits the nail on the head. Somebody who doesnt get that hasnt been fortunate enough to have that true spiritual moment where those barriers dissolve.

To experience the dissolution of those barriers is to realize the relative nature of reality. On the individual ego level, you suffer, are seperate, have friends, have enemies etc... What many dont realise is that on a level above the ego, above those accepted boundaries, there are no friends, enemies, seperateness, and peace and love are not mere fanciful ideals, they are your NATURAL STATE! You're MEANT to live in peace and love.

Anybody who thinks that love is "stupid and trivial" simply doesnt know this.

You have a choice. Be bitter, cold, cynical, believe in war etc... Or choose to live as a humble example of peace and love. Do what you will, but at least have the courtesy not to so coldly insult those who choose love. Even if you do think they're naive and clueless, surely the nobility and good intention of their values is something to be commended and respected.
JCos September 23, 2009, 5:11 pm
That is the most beautiful answer anyone could ever give. It almost made me cry. :]
donm July 15, 2011, 4:18 am
Hippiematt, I had to register just comment on how beautiful your response was. It almost made me cry too. Such inspiring words. A big thank you to the Woodstock generation and I wish I could've been a part of that.

Peace, Love and Respect.

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